Course 1

Coursename Duration Fees
Digital Marketing Basics 2 Months Rs. 20,000 + GST

  •  Introduction to Digital marketing.
  •  Platforms and Channels.
  •  Keywords used in the industry.
  •  Key Performance metrics used.
  •  Getting started with Google Ads.
  •  Getting started with Facebook Ads.
  •  Getting Started with Twitter & LinkedIn Ads.
  •  Audience and Targeting Concepts.
  •  Campaign Design and setup.
  •  Billing and Performance management.
  •  Additional Tools used for Posts and Ad management (HootSuite, Ads Manager, MCC, MCA accounts, etc).

  •  Marketing Funnel.
  •  eCommerce marketing.
  •  Getting started Google Analytics.
  •  Tags and Tracking tools used.
  •  Creative design and Tools.

  •  Reporting and intelligence for Digital marketing.
  •  Introduction to tools used for Digital Marketing Analytics.
  •  Assistance in self certification by Google & Facebook for Beginner level badges.
  •  5 Day capstone project on a live client requirement for application of all that is learnt.

Course 2

Coursename Duration Fees
Digital Marketing Advanced 1 Month Rs. 15,000 + GST

  •  Website and Landing Page design as per Digital Marketing.
  •  Creative and content strategies.
  •  Getting Started with your own Website.
  •  Thinking like an Entrepreneur for Digital Marketing.
  •  What does a Digital Marketing Agency Expect.

  •  Analytics And tracking tags.
  •  Remarketing Tags.
  •  Business Intelligence Tools.
  •  Building a Template Reporting dashboard.
  •  Getting to know key metrics and dimensions in Digital Marketing Analytics.
  •  Introduction Digital Marketing APIs.
  •  Data Connectors for the APIs and making their use for Dashboards and reporting.

Handcrafted by Simranjeet Singh